DT400 Electronic Theodolite


  • DT400 series Electronic Theodolite applied absolute encoders system for digital angle measurement, don't need rotate telescope to start angle measurement.
  • It can achieve measurement, calculating, display and memory etc. by means of computer technology
  • It can display measuring results of horizontal and vertical angle at the same time
  • Vertical angle can switch to zenith angle or grade and so on

LP400 Laser Theodolite


  • Laser Spot is Visiable From Eyepiece
    Telescope laser emitting system provides a visible laser beam which can be seen up to 150m away outside through eyepiece in daylight.
  • Laser Brightness and Focus Adjustable
    It is convenient to focus and adjust the laser brightness.A sharp and clear laser is available in any situation.
  • Integrated Design
    The laser device is integrated with telescope,resistant to dust,rain and other harsh elements.
  • Laser Plummet is Available
  • Wide Range of Application
    For setting out,the person placing the nail or stake can use the laser beam to help him align on the correct direction.

DT402-Z Collimating Theodolite

T402-Z is equipped with an integrated collimation device. In the field of optical tooling this enables reference lines to be set up to detect small changes of inclination in the object or to evaluate differences in the inclination of different parts of the object. DT402-Z effective working distance for indoor collimation reaches to 30m, directional orientation error of auto-collimator part is less than 5″.Pretty tailor-maked for industrial customers, which include but are not limited to: Machine tool construction, Rail transit construction, Port and shipbuilding, Telecommunications, Heavy industry construction, etc.

T2-2 Theodolite


  • 30× Magnification
  • 1.6m Shortest focusing distance
  • 1′ Min. Reading
  • Automatic vertical index (magnetic damping)
  • ± 0.3″ Setting accuracy
  • ± 3′ Working range
  • 1″ is the Smallest interval of optical micrometer
  • This instrument can aslo be used with DCH2A, Leica, Sokkia, Topcon and Pentax EDM's
  • Telescope gives a bright, high contrast image and Digital reading is quick and error-free
  • Applications: For all routine survey work in civil engineering construction, industrial and land surveys such as triangulation and traversing, precise construction, cadastral surveys, deformation studies, optical tooling and laboratory measurements, field astronomy etc.